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The climate is not changing, it has changed. The rate of global warming (climate change) and associated events like rising sea levels, heatwaves, cyclones, floods, droughts, forest fires are ever-increasing, resulting in ever-increasing troubles for humans.

Despite COP meetings every year, despite the PARIS agreement, despite governments implementing renewable energy projects and making policies, despite thousands of NGO working on the issue, climate change is worsening. ARE we taking enough actions? Is the question that needs to be posed to every citizen and leaders from all walks of life be it industrial, political, scientific, academic or even spiritual.

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Energy Swaraj Awards

From worsening climate and environmental conditions, it is clear that probably we are not taking enough corrective actions. But there are odd individuals, organisations and government bodies out there, who are actually taking significant actions and having brilliant ideas to save the world from catastrophic effects of climate change. Energy Swaraj Foundation is launching AMG (Avoid-Minimise-Generate) Awards as well as Climate Hackathon Challenge - ideas and actions to save the world to recognize citizen’s contributions, encourage them and provide them limelight so that they can spread their actions and ideas.

Energy Swaraj Foundation collaborating with Earth Day Network (earth day India network) to organise these awards.

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Organized by Energy Swaraj Foundation

Jointly with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)